Growing Startup Landscape of Pakistan

7 years ago | 1 min read now has the data of about 200+ Pakistani companies.

We looked at all those companies and charted them based on when they started. The pace of new businesses starting each year was relatively calm until 2011.

In the following chart, we have divided companies into two categories: Startups and Others (consulting businesses, incubators, services, etc).


2012 was when things really kicked-off. There has been an explosion in the number of new companies, as starting a business became popular and easier in Pakistan. Plan9 started in September 2012 which definitely helped grow this number.

Here is an interesting overview of the entire industry and all the startups in our database:

It’s still a small industry when compared to India or Silicon Valley but the growth is promising! is a community-contributed database of Pakistani startups. If you have ideas for a post similar to this, we would love to hear from you.

If you are a founder yourself, don’t forget to add your startup to the list!

Thanks Munir Usman, Ammar Amjad, and Shoaib Khan for reading drafts of this.